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Book Club Drama – Presidential Chronicles #2, #RRBC

Hello!  Welcome to my new series:  BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES.  This is just my bit of hilarity to entertain you all.  The short stories that you are about to read are fictional and not at all indicative of the way I feel as President of the phenomenal, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! But, some of the stories that I poke fun at, I’m sure are loosely based on some incidents…somewhere (but surely, not within the RRBC).  I hope that you all will follow my blog here so that each time I post a new segment to the BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES series, you will be the first to receive notice.  If they give you a chuckle, I ask that you please share them on your social media forums.  Enjoy, and do keep giving me great material to write about!

P.S. Before my secretary starts receiving tons of email, “No, I am not talking about you!” LOL



Today is Friday the 13th, the scariest day of the year.  Well, maybe for you all, but every day is a scary day for me, because I am the one forced to deal with these scary book club members.

So, while I’m kicked back in my office chair, trying to relax after a long night of processing new member applications, Resa comes into my office with her usual happy face, stretched from here to there.  Some days, I wish I could just snatch that happy right off her face!  But, it would take a crowbar to get it off, as her happy is plastered on.  It has to be, because nobody is that darned happy all the time!

*Deep Sigh*  “What is it, Resa?” Sauntering over to my desk (uninvited, of course) with her gorgeous blonde hair (as if she was a member of the cast of…


and her gorgeous, big blue eyes (as if she was…


…wait a minute…when did her eyes get that blue? (Angelina’s, not Resa).  Oh, heck, she probably purchased those blue eyes, knowing her.  And I don’t mean the contacts, either. I mean, ANGELINA PROBABLY PURCHASED THE ACTUAL BLUE EYES.  #TooMuchMoneyToWaste!

Resa:  We just received a question from Quebin St. James.  His books are no longer in the catalog and I can’t seem to find him anywhere else on the site.  I am just clueless here.  What would you like me to tell him?

(Well, first, here is the only place you’re clueless?  I mean, this is the girl who thought the underground railroad was a very real train station, based out of Atlanta).


Dropping my feet to the floor, I pull my chair closer underneath my desk so that I’m comfy as I log onto my computer.  Tap Tap Tap, the keys sing as I roll my eyes at the happy, who is still standing over my shoulder.  I stop, she leans in, getting a closer look at my screen and then asks, “So, what do I tell him?” 

“Tell him he’s not a friggin’ member anymore!  That’s what you tell him!” I snap.

Resa stands up straight with a deep look of confusion on her face.  “How can that be, Lon?  He says he’s a member?” I just look at her.

“And 90% of inmates in prison, say they’re innocent!  So, I guess they all are!” I scream.  I just couldn’t control myself.  I mean, it has to be a crime somewhere…where being this blonde…is absolutely against the law.  (I want to move to that place.  Geeeez!)


A little unsure if it was safe to speak after my outburst, Resa’s loopy smile appears on her face once again.  (Darnit!  That didn’t last long).

“Hahaha!  You’re just so funny, Lon,” she says, as she slaps her knees. (Again…somewhere.  It just has to be).  “Well, I guess I better run and draft a response to him.  Some people are just so clueless.”


I look at the closed door she has left behind and I can hear myself thinking out loud… “Lord, what did I ever do to you?”


Join me again next week, for another episode of BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES!  You may also click HERE to read the previous episode.  I love comments, so please share yours below!



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  1. Angelina with the blue eyes made me say hhhmm LOL


  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nonnie, this is a good way to get all the negative out of your system. lol (I’m still laughing!!)


  3. Thank you for bringing some smiles and giggles to me. Looking forward to more Book Club Drama in weeks to come.


  4. I’m feeling So Much better after reading this. Heck, I had a day and a half behind me … gritting my already rootfilled teeth while trying to get a file ready for Gwen! And I don’t have a dog to keep me company anymore … err… I mean the four-legged sort. Thank you Nonnie! Please don’t stop writing this blog! Consider me. I now live in Mud Island ( sorry my friends), but it’s a fact – grey skies and when will I be able to sing, You are my sunshine again? But I’m not complaining, even though I didn’t see the post on Friday. It seemed perfect for me today.


  5. Everything about this is great. The story, the pics… I giggled a lot!! 🙂


  6. Love these views of Book Club Drama; it’s like I really get to be the fly on the wall. I hear The young and the Restless theme song play as I read.


  7. Oh my goodness, LOL. I wonder if I can predict the sequel? This was a fun read, Nonnie! I will tweet… 🙂


  8. Okay, somehow the dogs are funnier than the people :D. Those expressions! Yes, this is light hearted, Nonnie. I will surely like to read more.



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