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That’s What Love Will Do…#Poetry #RRBC #RWISA

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers all over the world!

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I was speaking with a friend of mine on Monday, who was sharing with me the plight of his situation with his sweet love.  He told me that they were constantly at odds with each other, and no matter how he tried, there was always something he’d do or say to upset her.  “All I want to do is love her” he said, voice trembling from the upset.

“I can’t eat, sleep or even think when we’re in this place…but that’s what love will do to you,” he trailed off.

I ended our conversation so that I could get back to my constant state of busy, but the words that’s what love will do…lingered in my head.  It took me 18 minutes to pen this poem in tribute to my friend.



Can’t eat, can’t sleep
Can’t think, can’t breathe
Can’t run, can’t walk
Can’t feel, can’t dream
That’s what love will do.

No life, no fun
No laughter, no tears
No rain, no sun
Nothing but fear
That’s what love will do.

Pinch my skin, nothing I feel
Broken but standing, hope prayers will heal
Blind but reaching, the air is cold
Remembering her hands, memories unfold
That’s what love will do.

This…the pay
My prayer is that
She’ll return someday.

Crying, dying, because of you
You told me, warned me
That’s what love would do.

~ Nonnie Jules

What about you…has love ever pulled you out onto the floor when you weren’t in the mood to dance?  Has it ever taken you for a ride in a hot air balloon, and then suddenly pushed you out without a parachute?  Has it kept you awake at night, crying into your pillow, wondering if your heart was physically breaking?  There has to be something.  So, tell us…what has love done to you?


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  1. Such a beautiful poem, Non. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  2. Those must have been some very inspiring 18 minutes! I love it! Your poem captured the anguish and exasperation that love can sometimes make us feel and also a little slice of hope that things may return to the way they once were. Nicely done. ❤


  3. Bitter and sweet, that’s love. I’ve seen both sides and am better for it.🤗

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  4. Yes, you certainly put “what love can do” in a nutshell, Nonnie! It reminded me of my own glorious and often painful young days when love did not turn out the way I expected. Thanks for writing it down here.💗💖💝

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  5. This poem resounds with me – I pull on my past emotional upheavals and use those emotions in my stories – I want my readers to feel. Wow – only 18 minutes!

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  6. What a lovely expression illustrating the conflicting feelings of love. It reminds of when I was twelve and first discovered how love can also hurt. Thanks for this valentine to stir some memories.

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  7. Love that poem – feels very relatable

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