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Interview Questions

ATTN MEDIA:  Please feel free to select the Top 10-15 questions you’d like used in the interview.  You are not required to use all these questions and you are also not required to use them in the same order in which they are listed below.  Thanks!


*When did you begin your writing career?

*What is your biggest pet peeve about the literary business?

*Was there an author that you admired growing up?

*Are there any Indie writers that you  greatly admire?  Can you tell us why?

*What are your Top 5 reads of this year?

*Do you have a writing schedule?

*What do you think separates you from other writers?

*Name one thing that you would never change about yourself.

*Name one thing that you would change about yourself?

*Do you have a degree in writing?

*Do you think having a writing degree makes you a better writer than someone who isn’t degreed in writing?

*In your opinion, what makes a great book great and what kind of book warrants a 5 star review from you?


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