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Since I am a storyteller, I like to take things I see happening around me, on the streets, in the news or even from people I know, and turn their stories into poetry.  Funny, my friends are careful of what they share with me for fear that I will turn it into a great piece of written work which they’d sometimes like to forget.  But once it’s been written, it’s forever, right?

Welcome to POETIC REALITIES.  Roll ’em!



Sometimes it’s in a wind blow

Sometimes it’s in a bang

But nothing can still your heart

As when God calls your name.

Sometimes it’s at a stop light

Sometimes it’s in a store

Most often it’s when you least expect

That you’ll be coming home no more.

Sometimes it’s in a raindrop

Sometimes that drop’s a tear

But nothing can keep you from hearing

That whisper that you most fear.

Because just when you’re the happiest

or when you’re feeling low

God can whisper in your ear

“My child, it’s time to go.”

When God calls your name

There’s no need to feel afraid

Because you’re going to a place

Where the streets, in gold, are paved…

and they say there is no illness

I hear it’s all the rave!

They say it is a palace

Made just for royalty

So whenever God calls my name…no fear

Because where ever he is, is where I want to be.



People wish for presents

That fit ‘neath a Christmas tree

But, I’d like something more special

Gifted just for me.

I want a place to come home to

A place to call my own

I’d like to feel the shelter

Of my very own home.

Living on the streets

Or sometimes out of a car

Is the most horrible feeling,

I’ve ever felt thus far.

I pray for this hell to be over

I pray that one day soon

I’ll be able to offer my children

The comfort of their own rooms.

I drive thru nice neighborhoods

Windows, I look inside

Wishing I was as lucky

As the people, who there reside.

Sleeping at the in-laws

Always needing help

Reading the books that sit

On someone else’s shelf.

This holiday…

Some will wish for presents

Others just want to roam

I simply wish and pray upon

Christmas in my own home.



When you’ve got trouble in your life

Tired of dealing with stress and strife

And you don’t have a plan…

Get yourself some girlfriends.

When you’ve grown weary of his drama

Of another ‘baby mama’

And you just can’t understand…

Get yourself some girlfriends.

When it’s a shoulder you need

Cause your heart’s on constant bleed

And you don’t know how to stop it…

Get yourself some girlfriends.

When your kids are acting up

And you need something stronger in your  cup

To keep you from pulling out your hair…

Get yourself some girlfriends.

You see, they’re always on the scene

When you need someone there

They’re also quick to demean

Anyone, who to you, isn’t fair.

So, if you have no one now

That you can call on in a hurry

Get yourself some girlfriends

And this will never be your worry!



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  1. Beautiful, Nonnie! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂


  2. I love your poetry, Nonnie – you have a real talent! I feel blessed by your verses…


  3. Thank you Nonnie for blessing me with these poems. I now go to sleep thinking of heaven. You sure will make me a poet one day. 🙂


  4. Love these Nonnie. The first one made me think of the late, great, Kathryn Treat x


  5. Love these Nonnie. The first one made me think of the wonderful Kathryn Treat x


  6. Yay! Poetry is one of my first and greatest loves Nonnie! We should share with each other sometime:)



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